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The boot sale guide for sellers

The Boot Sale Guide For Sellers 1. Do Your Sums Beforehand Planning and preparation is the key to any task and selling at a boot sale is no exception. That’s why you should have all your prices worked out before you set off rather than make them up when you get there. But DON’T price […]

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Tips and tricks in choosing valuable dolls

Tips and Tricks In Choosing Valuable Dolls If you’re new to collecting, or looking to add more valuable pieces to an existing collection, there are a few tricks and tips that can help you find dolls that are more valuable.The very first tip is to collect whatever american doll you love the most. That’s the […]

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Tools you will need to start your own stamp collecting

Tools You Will Need To Start Your Own Stamp Collecting Stamp collecting is an interesting hobby. Trivial as it may seem, a lot of history, culture, and tradition can be understood from collecting stamps alone. Stamps depict a certain moment in time. And that’s why stamps that are from decades ago are valued so high. […]

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Understanding coin price guides

Understanding Coin Price Guides There are many coin price guides published; weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and annually. They come in the form of magazines, newsprint, “hot sheets”, and books. All of us have referred to one of these from time to time to ascertain what a particular coin might be worth. Yet, few of us stop […]

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How to start a coin collection without spending too many coins

How to start a coin collection without spending too many coins? The hobby of coin collecting is unlike any other hobby. It is an entertaining past time that millions of people around the world enjoy. When your collection grows, you start to discover that there is a story behind each and every coin. Special coins […]

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