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The man who stashed million in silver dollars

The Man Who Stashed $200 Million In Silver Dollars Upon the death of 77-year-old Lavere Redfield in 1974, the IRS seized his  estate.  During their search a false wall was discovered  and knocked down, revealing a cache of over four hundred 1,000 coin bags, or 400,000 silver dollars – which weighed a staggering 11 tons! […]

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Lego and its history

Lego and its history Lego toy is never going to be out of the date, it has been a part of childhood for more than three generations. Almost everyone under 50 years old has played with these plastic bricks of imagination. The earliest form of Lego toy is designed in 1949, Lego company introduced the […]

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The collector passion for vintage horror movie posters and celebrity autographs

The Collector Passion For Vintage Horror Movie Posters and Celebrity Autographs What makes collectors of vintage horror movie posters so passionate? You could start with the history of horror movies and the impact they have had on American culture particularly before 1960. Horror and Sci-movie from the early 30’s to mid 50’s seem to have […]

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Transformers live action film figures bumblebee

Transformers Live Action Film Figures – Bumblebee Of all of the characters from the Transformers film, Bumblebee holds one particular excellence over the others. The reason being that the character was the second character introduced to youngsters in the first animated series. A Transformers Bumblebee toy is a must have for each fan.Today, though he […]

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Introduction to replica weapons

Introduction to Replica Weapons Sword fighting movies have a long, proud tradition in Hollywood. Even back before the introduction of colour films, movie-goers were regularly treated to great Pirate films, medieval adventures or historical epics. For the most part however, nobody was interested in the swords themselves. Only recently has the hobby of collecting prop […]

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