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Woodworking top tips to store wood

Woodworking Top 10 Tips To Store Wood What is the correct way to store wood? Wood should be stored flat to avoid twisting or bending. Here are the top 10 tips to store wood. Visit the Woodworking Plans Website pages for more woodworking articles. 1.Kiln dried lumber should be stored indoors, stacked flat and in even […]

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Scalextric digital vs carrera digital slot car sets

Scalextric digital Vs Carrera digital Slot car sets In the UK Scalextric has always been the brand to buy with its almost historic place in our minds. However, there are other makes available and are well worth looking in to before jumping to buy Scalextric. Scalextric Digital is far more readily available, you will find […]

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Classic tv shows bringing the old times back

Classic TV Shows – Bringing The Old Times Back It has become a progressive trend recently: purchasing DVD’s of your loved old classic TV shows and watching it with the entire family. You don’t have to worry if your favorite TV show isn’t for sale on DVD. Today, every single TV shows are available all […]

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Video poker a new twist on an old game

Video Poker – A New Twist on an Old Game Ever since the days of the Wild West, when cowboys and businessmen would cram themselves into saloons and sit down to pass money back and forth on a card game, poker has been a mainstay in Americana. Now fast forward a hundred years or so. […]

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Sonic a blue hedgehog who runs at supersonic speeds

Sonic- A Blue Hedgehog who runs at Supersonic Speeds Sonic the Hedgehog is an iconic figure who has inspired cult following amongst millions fans. His followers span the entire globe and there is nothing much that can stop them from buying every Sonic game that comes out of Sega’s haloed halls. So what is it […]

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