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Gold coin collector or gold coin dealer look no further than here

Gold Coin Collector Or Gold Coin Dealer? Look No Further Than Here! Is Coin Accumulating exactly the same as Numismatics? Most coin collectors confuse themselves in between the terms ‘coin collecting’ and ‘numismatics’. However , two are quite various, though they’re related by concept. Are all Coin Enthusiasts one and also the same? Coin collectors […]

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Ho scale model trains the worlds greatest hobby

HO SCALE MODEL TRAINS: THE WORLD’S GREATEST HOBBY The greatest hobby in the world has to be working with ho scale model trains.  Having an HO Scale Model Train layout is a great way for kids to learn how to build something from the ground up and allow retirees to keep their minds sharp by […]

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What makes collecting celebrity autographs vintage movie posters historical documents so exciting

What makes collecting celebrity autographs, vintage movie posters & historical documents so exciting? Avid collectors have such passion about their particular areas of interest that is hard to imagine how anyone can NOT be a collector of something.  But, some areas of collecting can take on another dimension that goes beyond just another acquisition.  In […]

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History of english toby jugs

History of English Toby Jugs – 1761 My family tree has been traced back to the early Kings of England from the 7th. Century AD. This gives me an interest in English History which is great fun to research. As I am a direct descendent of Sir Christopher Wren and have many ancestors from London […]

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Recognizing rare stamps

Recognizing Rare Stamps Believe it or not, investing in rare stamps is a normal occurrence. Usually, the collection and gathering of rare stamps is a hobby that is better appreciated by the advanced collectors. Unbelievably, rare stamps are investments that are of the tangible kind. Compared to art they are also a worthwhile and enjoyable […]

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