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Lego the worlds favorite toy for years

Lego – the Worlds Favorite Toy for 70 Years I don’t know about you buy I had Lego when I was a kid. And everyone else I know seems to have owned a set as well. And what’s more my kids have it. Yes, for over 70 years now, Lego has been one of the […]

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Three legged buffalo nickel how to detect altered counterfeit coins

Three Legged Buffalo Nickel & How To Detect Altered & Counterfeit Coins” The 1937 D Three Legged Buffalo Part1The Three Legged Buffalo Nickel is one of the famous and one of the most sort after error coins in the collecting world. I remember back when I was just starting out collecting coins with my dad. […]

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Iron man action figure collecting guide

Iron Man Action Figure Collecting Guide Iron Man is a unique super hero. He is not a mutant with god-like power but a normal human equiped with a power suit armor. The armor is the source of its power. It can fly, and shoot a laser beam from its palm. Collecting its action figure is […]

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The government efforts to make one dollar coins popular

The Government Efforts to Make One Dollar Coins Popular When it comes to one dollar currency, most people will think about one paper dollar instead of one dollar coin. This is because most people prefer using paper dollars because they can be folded and light to be carried. People tend to collect one dollar coin […]

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The life and history of the artist behind mi hummel

The Life and History of the Artist behind M.I. Hummel Born in rural Bavaria the third of six brothers and sisters in 1909, Berta Hummel grew up living above a general store in the village of Massing.  At the tender age of six, she started her Catholic education and quickly impressed her instructors in the […]

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