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Types of coin collectors how to identify your type

3 Types Of Coin Collectors – How To Identify Your Type How would you place yourself as a coin collector? There are a few divisions in this department – And here’s how you could put yourself in one of these categories – 1. The most common or casual collectors You know that you belong to […]

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Coin collecting tips for begginers

Coin Collecting Tips For Begginers Coin is a hobby of kings. Collection of money is different from hoarding cash. Coin collecting as an art form dates back 14 centuries. Today, people around the world collect coins. Some people perceive their value, some as simple pleasure of getting your hands in different currencies. If you take […]

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Collecting rare canadian coins

Collecting Rare Canadian Coins Anyone that is interested in acquiring rare collectible coins that possess the potential for increased value should look towards Canada. Over the years, the nation has produced many rare Canadian coins with collectible value. Some may be surprised at the notion that Canada has produced coins that are popular in collector’s […]

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Learn about the worlds most valuable stamps

Learn About the World’s Most Valuable Stamps There are rare and valuable stamps in all postal systems of the world. Two of the best known of these are the Inverted Jenny, which was a printing error and the 1-cent Z grill stamp from the US postal system. Anyone who is a serious stamp collector will […]

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The thrills of rare coin collecting

The Thrills of Rare Coin Collecting “In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation.” Alan Greenspan, 1966. One of the things every investor quickly discovers is that there are no sure deals or “can’t lose” investments in this wild and wooly world. There is always […]

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