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Pick up a new hobby pick a grand national winner

Pick Up a New Hobby – Pick a Grand National Winner Grand National sounds like a name for some International event, and in some way, it is an International event. Grand National is the name of a horse racing event in the United Kingdom. Every year, thousands of hobbyists and horse racing enthusiasts flock to […]

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When is memorabilia considered to be authentic

When is memorabilia considered to be authentic? When it comes to V.I.P collectibles, the truest avouchment as to the veracity or ne plus ultra of the item put on the market without a proven lineage via provenance, is to have an accompanying quality certificate pertaining to authenticity, referred to as a COA.It is not unheard […]

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Vaseline glass tableware and collectables an overview

Vaseline Glass Tableware And Collectables – An Overview What is Vaseline Glass?             The term “Vaseline glass” was first coined in the early twentieth century and refers to the pale yellow color of Uranium glass (similar to Petroleum jelly). Many pieces today are mislabeled as uranium glass when they are actually a pale yellow (to […]

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Scenic postcards and tiger stamps

Scenic Postcards and Tiger Stamps Since the mid-1800s, postcards have been a popular way for travellers to keep in touch with their families and friends back home. Originally patented by an American man from Philadelphia named John P. Carlton, postcards are now a favorite souvenir around the world. When travelling, it is usually possible to […]

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Buying paintings synchromism

Buying Paintings: Synchromism Synchromism paintings feature harmoniously balanced colors and a feeling of movement. It is believed that synchromist paintings evoke similar feelings and sensations as music. This is a basic tenet of the synchromism art movement. As such, these paintings make wonderfully pleasing additions to any modern art collection.Founded in 1912 by Morgan Russell […]

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