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Commemorative coins remember people and events

Commemorative Coins Remember People and Events In creating a memento of someone famous, or an event or place is a common occurrence. Some of these mementos will be more popular than others. While there are many methods of commemorating these people and events, one of the most popular and impressive is to be commemorated on […]

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Pitbull puppies in florida

Pitbull puppies in florida Pitbull puppies are always cool..They  always play with you and make us happy.sometimes it pay role as doctor. So to find  Pitbull puppies in Florida you have to be careful. Pitbull puppies are very curious, and liable to get into everything. So everyplace where your Pitbull puppy may wander must be […]

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A few leads on succeeding with the coin collecting penny

A Few Leads On Succeeding With The Coin Collecting Penny Coin collecting is very fascinating; especially if you happen to be an American and are interested in collecting penny coins because there are a few very interesting such coins available that will make your collection stand out. As far as collecting penny coins goes, the […]

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Shopping a hobby or an illness

Shopping – a Hobby or an Illness This article is all about my 71 year old mother Annie.  She is, by far, the most generous person you could ever wish to meet in your lifetime, well with her clothes anyway, this is her story…. This shopping HOBBY started about 20 years ago when she was […]

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These is what is meant by a mintmark

These is What is Meant by a Mintmark A mintmark is an identifier on each coin that tells you where that particular coin was minted. It’s a security feature to help curb counterfeiting. So, you would ordinarily try to find the mark that is on each coin. One thing we should be aware of though […]

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