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Collecting presidential memoabilia

Collecting Presidential Memoabilia Collecting Presidential Memorabilia Memorabilia is hot these days. People are collecting everything from pop bottles to political campaign buttons. Presidential memorabilia is gaining in popularity and value to make some of these collectible items really desirable. If you would like to start collecting presidential memorabilia there is a wide variety of items […]

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Coin collecting tips for begginers

Coin Collecting Tips For Begginers Coin is a hobby of kings. Collection of money is different from hoarding cash. Coin collecting as an art form dates back 14 centuries. Today, people around the world collect coins. Some people perceive their value, some as simple pleasure of getting your hands in different currencies. If you take […]

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What makes collecting celebrity autographs vintage movie posters historical documents so exciting

What makes collecting celebrity autographs, vintage movie posters & historical documents so exciting? Avid collectors have such passion about their particular areas of interest that is hard to imagine how anyone can NOT be a collector of something.  But, some areas of collecting can take on another dimension that goes beyond just another acquisition.  In […]

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What is the best mm slide scanner for older slides

What is the Best 35mm Slide Scanner for Older Slides? The 35mm slide scanner is a boon for people who were born well before the advent of digital era and have stocks of 35mm slides and negatives stored away in cupboards, garages, attics or under the stairs with lots of memories captured in them. The […]

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Succession planning for collectibles

Succession Planning for Collectibles Assuming that you do not need an estate plan is one of the worst assumptions you can make and could cost your family loads of money in taxes and hours of frustration. The only people who can honestly say they would not benefit from an estate plan are those unfortunate enough […]

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