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Recognizing rare stamps

Recognizing Rare Stamps Believe it or not, investing in rare stamps is a normal occurrence. Usually, the collection and gathering of rare stamps is a hobby that is better appreciated by the advanced collectors. Unbelievably, rare stamps are investments that are of the tangible kind. Compared to art they are also a worthwhile and enjoyable […]

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Succession planning for collectibles

Succession Planning for Collectibles Assuming that you do not need an estate plan is one of the worst assumptions you can make and could cost your family loads of money in taxes and hours of frustration. The only people who can honestly say they would not benefit from an estate plan are those unfortunate enough […]

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Buying real antiques through online live auctions

Buying Real Antiques Through Online Live Auctions First time antique buyers may have worries, especially if they are trying to find good deals through Internet live auctions. There are a couple of things you can do to keep your online antiquing stress free. Did Marilyn Monroe Really Wear That Dress? When it comes to memorabilia […]

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American gold eagle bullion coins

American Gold Eagle Bullion Coins Investing in American Gold Eagle Coins The market for gold bullion coins has increased since the original mint in 1986. Coins bearing the artistic design by Augustus Sain-Gaurdens of Lady Liberty carrying an olive branch and torch have circulated in the market since 1907.  Collectors often purchase the coins, realizing […]

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Autographed sports memorabilia how to determine their value

Autographed Sports Memorabilia. How to determine their Value Sports Autographs are one of those unique hobbies that many people start at a very young age. Whether it be Michael Jordan flying in for dunk or Joe Montana finding a receiver for a game-winning touchdown, these are the memories that remain with us for years and […]

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