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Ray edelson horse racing and sports betting service

Ray Edelson Horse Racing and Sports Betting Service Horse racing and sports betting are few of the best ways when it comes to spending your time leisurely. The activity involved is to win either by supporting the horse(s) or the team you are backing or to go for the horse(s) and team that you may […]

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Tips and tricks in choosing valuable dolls

Tips and Tricks In Choosing Valuable Dolls If you’re new to collecting, or looking to add more valuable pieces to an existing collection, there are a few tricks and tips that can help you find dolls that are more valuable.The very first tip is to collect whatever american doll you love the most. That’s the […]

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Coin collection values

Coin Collection Values In the art of collecting coins, it’s an exciting feeling to find out just how valuable your current collection actually is. For novice coin collectors, it’s quite understandable if you still are not able to ascertain the different values to be found in coins. However for veteran hobbyists, the guidelines for properly […]

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Spotting an original stamp from a fake

Spotting An Original Stamp From A Fake Postage stamps are one of the most collected items in the world. However, they are also considered as the most faked, regummed and counterfeited items. The following are basic tips and advice to know which is fake and which is not. Gum or re-gummed, that is the questionFirst […]

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Books of great value to compliment the book coin collecting starts here

Books of great value to compliment the book Coin Collecting Starts Here First, I would like to introduce my own book “Coin Collecting Starts Here”. It is certainly the cheapest (and I truly believe, most valuable) coin collecting book available! I hope you will take the time to see the describtion of it at the […]

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