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Yahtzee as a skill game

Yahtzee as a Skill Game There are a number of games that you can play to hone your skills. Aside from board games and card games, you also need some skills and strategy in playing Yahtzee. Yahtzee has been around for a long long time. It has been in existence for more than 5 decades. […]

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Woodworking top tips to store wood

Woodworking Top 10 Tips To Store Wood What is the correct way to store wood? Wood should be stored flat to avoid twisting or bending. Here are the top 10 tips to store wood. Visit the Woodworking Plans Website pages for more woodworking articles. 1.Kiln dried lumber should be stored indoors, stacked flat and in even […]

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Wii balance board games

Wii Balance Board Games Are you getting sick and tired of sitting in front of the computer playing video games? If so, perhaps the Nintendo Wii offers a great alternative. When you play games on the computer, you sit in front of the system for hours, using your fingers to type or click. In the […]

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Why purchase a vintage clock

Why Purchase A Vintage Clock? Antique collectible clocks are an investment in history. They allow you to benefit from the splendor of old world skill and the beauty associated with their work.   A modern digital clock on your night stand plays the radio to wake you up.  However, this cannot compare to the gentle chiming […]

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Backgammon rules and strategies

Backgammon Rules and Strategies Backgammon is a game that requires skill and a little bit of luck. In a way, it’s a little bit like checkers, except that your next moves depend on the value of your dice roll. To win the game, you have to learn to manage your risks. This game is played […]

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