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Building ship models developing skills through craft

Building Ship Models – Developing Skills Through Craft Crafting Wood model ships If you think that wood model ships are basically just exquisitely detailed versions of real ships, think again. You don’t really think that when a ship is destroyed in a film or movie that the film producers actually destroy a full size ship […]

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What is the best mm slide scanner for older slides

What is the Best 35mm Slide Scanner for Older Slides? The 35mm slide scanner is a boon for people who were born well before the advent of digital era and have stocks of 35mm slides and negatives stored away in cupboards, garages, attics or under the stairs with lots of memories captured in them. The […]

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Introduction to replica weapons

Introduction to Replica Weapons Sword fighting movies have a long, proud tradition in Hollywood. Even back before the introduction of colour films, movie-goers were regularly treated to great Pirate films, medieval adventures or historical epics. For the most part however, nobody was interested in the swords themselves. Only recently has the hobby of collecting prop […]

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Vintage movie posters a trip back to better times

Vintage Movie Posters: A Trip Back to Better Times Vintage movie posters  can take you back to the golden days of movies. Suddenly you’re in the vestibule of an old theater… Smell the fresh popcorn – not the kind that comes already popped in giant plastic bags, like you get now…  There is a large […]

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Four ways the miyamoto musashi samurai swords impacted the history of japan and the samurai

Four Ways The Miyamoto Musashi Samurai Swords Impacted The History Of Japan And The Samurai Today, many people know of Japanese Samurai Swords and their legendary beauty, efficiency, and craftsmanship. However, they aren’t exactly aware of one of the greatest influences on Japan and Samurai culture. Miyamoto Musashi is one of the most famous Japanese […]

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