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Introduction to replica weapons

Introduction to Replica Weapons Sword fighting movies have a long, proud tradition in Hollywood. Even back before the introduction of colour films, movie-goers were regularly treated to great Pirate films, medieval adventures or historical epics. For the most part however, nobody was interested in the swords themselves. Only recently has the hobby of collecting prop […]

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Play free dog games online dog police are you ready to face the challenge

Play Free Dog Games Online – Dog Police – Are You Ready To Face The Challenge? You can play free dog games online that are not only good for killing the time but also quite challenging. While most of the dog games you play online can be quit simple and easy to beat but there […]

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Religious paintings for my gallery

Religious Paintings For My Gallery One of my favorite artists is someone that I actually stumbled across when I was buying religious paintings.  He was not famous, but he had some of his pieces at a local show.  I found that he primarily paints and sells his work on the internet.It is hard to describe […]

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Modern oil paintings

Modern Oil Paintings I have been buying modern oil paintings for a show in my gallery.  I have found many nice pieces.  I found a painting called Village in winter in a private collection in Illinois.  The artist was Fern Isabel Coppedge and she was an American.  I liked the piece because of the snowy […]

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Lionel model train sets a guide for set up

Lionel Model Train Sets; A Guide For Set Up Following are some tips and guidelines for the maintenance and cleaning of your model trains. Whether your trains are Lionel or another manufacturer, any set benefits from regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Lionel locomotives are designed in such a way that checks can be […]

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