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Australian silver kangaroo a national icon immortalized in silver

Australian Silver Kangaroo: A National Icon Immortalized In Silver The Royal Mint of Australia, RAM, further immortalized the kangaroo as a national icon when it started in 1993 to mint a coin in its honor: the Australian Silver Kangaroo.  This RAM mintage would be an enriching addition to any coin collection because of its potential […]

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Colonel bob henderson

Colonel Bob' Henderson 1904 – 1990 Since the birth of the teddy bear in 1902 there have been many famous people who have gone ‘public’ about their relationship with their teddy bear, for example, the famous poet Sir John Betjeman, who wrote about his beloved teddy bear whom he called Archibald Ormsby-Gore.  However, two very […]

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Mafia wars tips and guide for quick and total gaming domination

Mafia Wars Tips and Guide For Quick and Total Gaming Domination Mafia Wars by Zynga is an online game playable on multiple platforms like Facebook, Yahoo Games, Myspace and Iphone. Regardless of which online platform that you play Mafia Wars on, the game is extremely fun, exciting and thrilling. It allows you to live the […]

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Finding historic old rare chinese silver coins

Finding Historic Old Rare Chinese Silver Coins For coin collectors all around the world, one of the most amazing unearths that may ever be got in the market today are old rare Chinese silver coins. For one thing, you do not often find rare Chinese coins from different dynasties in the local Chinese markets without […]

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Antique japanese valuables hidden in plain sight

Antique Japanese Valuables Hidden in Plain Sight Not so long ago, it was common knowledge that one could find very old, and rare, antiques being sold in some Japanese street markets for a meager sum. At that time, there was not much of a marketplace for such relics of a bygone era, and any given […]

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