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American eagle gold coins recommended for beginners

American Eagle Gold Coins: Recommended For Beginners Are you a beginner looking to collect some United States gold coins, and possibly even learn a bit more about the history of the United States? Look no further! The American Eagle gold coin is a great place to start. These guys are universally recognized as freshly minted […]

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The many different kinds of postage stamps

The Many Different Kinds of Postage Stamps Postage stamps were first issued in Great Britain in 1840. The practice soon became common all over the world to show that the postage had been paid on a piece of mail. A stamp is a sticker attached to the top right hand corner of an envelope or […]

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Stamp collection

Stamp collection Philately is the study of stamps and related items. Its collection could be a fun activity especially for children. Make a file or buy an album to stick the stamps of global postal stamps. Stamps of different worth and different size, all reflects to its national identity. Instead of collecting all the foreign […]

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Hockey cards collecting the game we love

Hockey Cards: Collecting the Game We Love Hockey has been around for what seems like forever.   The league was organized in 1917 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada after the suspension of operations of its predecessor organization, the National Hockey Association (NHA), which had been founded in 1909. It started with four teams and, through a series […]

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Pick up a new hobby pick a grand national winner

Pick Up a New Hobby – Pick a Grand National Winner Grand National sounds like a name for some International event, and in some way, it is an International event. Grand National is the name of a horse racing event in the United Kingdom. Every year, thousands of hobbyists and horse racing enthusiasts flock to […]

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