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Caring for coins

Caring for Coins There are some rigid rules that were put in place regarding how we care for the coins in our collection. There are a lot of things that can be done wrong, or that can go wrong, so I guess it only makes sense. There are some people who guard their coin collections […]

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Starting a baseball card collection

Starting A Baseball Card Collection This article’s purpose is to teach you the basics of the many facets of the baseball card hobby.  If you are thinking about starting a collection or have just recently started collecting, this article will be helpful for you and it is hoped that your collection will grow more valuable […]

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Puppy fetch free dog games that stand out

Puppy Fetch- Free Dog Games That Stand Out If you are looking for a good office time-waster then look no further than “Puppy Fetch”. Puppy Fetch is a fun adventure presented in the two-dimensional format that will deliver loads of fun whether you like dogs or not. It is a great way to spend free […]

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An introduction to stamp collection

An Introduction To Stamp Collection Stamp collecting for many people is a favorite hobby. Something that they enjoy doing and sharing with their friends and stamp collectors alike. For some collectors, stamp collecting is a serious business. It has been estimated that nearly 20 million Americans collect stamps! They can spend as much as over […]

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Succession planning for collectibles

Succession Planning for Collectibles Assuming that you do not need an estate plan is one of the worst assumptions you can make and could cost your family loads of money in taxes and hours of frustration. The only people who can honestly say they would not benefit from an estate plan are those unfortunate enough […]

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