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The man who stashed million in silver dollars

The Man Who Stashed $200 Million In Silver Dollars Upon the death of 77-year-old Lavere Redfield in 1974, the IRS seized his  estate.  During their search a false wall was discovered  and knocked down, revealing a cache of over four hundred 1,000 coin bags, or 400,000 silver dollars – which weighed a staggering 11 tons! […]

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Collecting movie toys for christmas and year around

Collecting Movie Toys for Christmas and Year Around How many of us grew up with our favorite lunch boxes showing images of the television and movie heroes that were popular? The idea of merchandising from our most popular media-movies and television shows- has been going strong for at least fifty years. Since television shows and […]

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Stock certificate collecting themes iii

Stock Certificate Collecting Themes – III Many collectors of antique stock certificates collect by acquiring certificates with shared characteristics, or themes.  In prior articles we discussed themes of Industry, Geography, Vignette (picture), Family Relationship, Time Period, Event, Firsts, Famous Names, Unissued and Extreme Numbers. Here are ten more popular collecting themes: 1. Celebration – Examples:  […]

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What is a sports bookmaker

What is a Sports Bookmaker Sports can be a very interesting and exciting hobby. The drama and events keep unfolding as the season progresses. Sometimes, even hardcore sports fans can’t predict what is going to happen! Sports games take place everywhere each year. In the United Kingdom and the United States, televised sports are especially […]

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What you should know about gold coin values

What You Should Know About Gold Coin Values The four basic features in which gold coins and their values are set, consist on: grade, rarity, popularity, and quality. That’s the main reason why you ought to know everything concerning the valuation of gold coin values so coin dealers will not embezzle a sum that far […]

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