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Is your swiss army knife an original or genuine

Is Your Swiss Army Knife an Original or Genuine? The name Swiss Army knife may be familiar to just about anyone anywhere in the world, but do the names Victorinox or Wenger ring a bell for anyone? Probably not. The name Swiss Army knife, contrary to popular belief, is not a brand name. It is […]

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The history of gold coins and understanding gold coin values

The History of Gold Coins and Understanding Gold Coin Values According to history, King Croesus of Lydia was the one who introduced gold coins around 643-630 B.C. A pale yellow mixture of gold and silver called the electrum was a natural resource in Lydia. As people did not know how to separate these two metals, […]

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Military action figures

Military Action Figures On the 17 of June, 1942, G.I. Joe was debuted as a Yankee cartoon soldier made by David Breger in the military’s YANK mag. GI Joe, became a American household name with the release of a picture the story of G.I. Toy business was the driver following the commercialization of GI Joe […]

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Collecting movie toys for christmas and year around

Collecting Movie Toys for Christmas and Year Around How many of us grew up with our favorite lunch boxes showing images of the television and movie heroes that were popular? The idea of merchandising from our most popular media-movies and television shows- has been going strong for at least fifty years. Since television shows and […]

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What you need to know about halo action figures

What You Need To Know About Halo Action Figures Halo is a first-person action game franchise developed by Bungie Studios for the Microsoft XBOX console. Since the release of the very first video game in the series, Halo’s popularity has exploded. Why? Quite simply, Halo and Halo figures are popular because each entry in the […]

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