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Aquiring antique books whats the value

Aquiring Antique Books Whats The Value Somebody not familiar with the industry may ask why anyone would be interested in antique books. Of course , lots of times the information contained in them is so outmoded that it’s downright inaccurate! Science books are almost laughable with their basic awareness of the universe, medical books are […]

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The zippo constantine a custom made gem

The Zippo Constantine – A Custom Made Gem The Zippo Constantine is one of the hundreds of beautiful custom designed lighters made by the Zippo Manufacturing Company in its 77 year history. The Zippo Company has made custom lighter cases representing thousands of different subjects over the years. Some of the subjects have been Hollywood […]

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Cosplay competition in the real life

Cosplay Competition in the Real Life The term ‘Cosplay’ has metamorphosed into Cosplay competition where participants act out a particular character usually taken from some popular Japanese fiction. These participants actually wear costumes and various accessories associated with or worm by the characters. Some of the fictions from which these characters are drawn include anime, […]

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Grading your coins methods of checking them

Grading Your Coins – 4 Methods Of Checking Them A ‘grade’ is a shorthand that numismatists design in order to reveal the appearance of a coin. For instance, if one collector tells another one that he possesses a Charlotte fifty half eagle, both the collectors should have a fair idea of what the coin looks […]

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A look at the history of tetris

A Look at the History of Tetris The game of Tetris derived its name from the Greek work ‘tetra’ which means four and the work ‘tennis’ which is its inventor’s favorite sport game. Tetris started as a puzzle video game invented by Russian Alexey Pajitnov way back in June 1985. He works in the Dorodnicyn […]

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