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Lego and its history

Lego and its history Lego toy is never going to be out of the date, it has been a part of childhood for more than three generations. Almost everyone under 50 years old has played with these plastic bricks of imagination. The earliest form of Lego toy is designed in 1949, Lego company introduced the […]

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How to choose a special doll

How to Choose a Special Doll There is one reason for choosing a special doll, and that is to please the receiver.  The search for a special doll can seem overwhelming because of the many types of dolls to choose from.  This article aims to help clarify how to choose a special modern doll for […]

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Online flash games entertainment for free

Online Flash Games- Entertainment for Free Since the inception of computers, one industry quickly played its role and captured the market share is the computer games industry. As of today, it is hard to tell how many different types of computer games out there as more and more games are being released on a regular […]

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Faqs about free online games

FAQs About Free Online Games Perhaps you’ve wanted to try out some free online games but haven’t taken the time. Maybe you have questions about how free online games work and haven’t been able to find the answers to those questions so you just haven’t given any of these great games a try. Maybe you […]

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Teddy bears

Teddy Bears The teddy bear first made his debut in 1902, his creator being Richard Steiff (the Daddy of Teddy Bears), nephew of Margarete Steiff creator of the great Steiff Company of Germany.  The teddy bear was originally produced for children, as up until his birth, children had no soft toy that they could hug […]

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