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All you need to know about buying beanie baby boxes

All You Need To Know About Buying Beanie Baby Boxes Beanie Baby Dolls are childhood favorite and as well as being very fun to play with, they can also be worth some good money. Even more so are the boxes that they come in, which are quite a valuable collectors item. The new and improved […]

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Teddy bears

Teddy Bears The teddy bear first made his debut in 1902, his creator being Richard Steiff (the Daddy of Teddy Bears), nephew of Margarete Steiff creator of the great Steiff Company of Germany.  The teddy bear was originally produced for children, as up until his birth, children had no soft toy that they could hug […]

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Coin collecting supplies are essential for coin care

Coin Collecting Supplies Are Essential For Coin Care There are many basic supplies necessary for coin collectors. Manufacturers have managed to tap into the business of producing products useful to enhance the activity of coin collecting for the collector. Many of these products are necessary as without them it would be impossible to maintain the […]

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Reborn dolls and kits for collectors

Reborn Dolls and Kits for Collectors Definitely a new hobby of creating reborn dolls is not for just any crafter or collector. But reborn dolls are making the scene throughout the earth. Although the craft of crafting dolls has been around for many generations, creating OoAK reborn dolls has evolved to highly tuned proportions over […]

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Ss musha katana a sword worth owning

SS676 Musha Katana: A Sword worth Owning Razor sharp and thick blades are the main reasons why the Musha Katana swords are now becoming popular not just in Japan but all over the world. A product from an academy renowned for their superiority in sword-making, Chris Zhou, Musha swords must not be only admired for […]

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