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Pieces of coin collection supplies every avid collector must possess

5 Pieces Of Coin Collection Supplies Every Avid Collector Must Possess If you are an avid coin collector it is vital you take proper care of your coins.  There are numerous coin collection supplies you can purchase depending on what you are going to do with them and how you serious you are about your […]

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Olympic red mittens why oprah stephen colbert amp joe biden love em where to get your own winter

Olympic Red Mittens: Why Oprah, Stephen Colbert & Joe Biden Love 'em – Where To Get Your Own Winter Games Red Mittens – Hobbies – Crafts – Co “WHERE CAN I GET MY OWN RED MITTENS?” When Oprah gave her audience the Canadian Olympic Red Mittens, one of her producers reported, “It was incredible. I’ve […]

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Resources for autograph memorabilia collectors

Resources for Autograph & Memorabilia Collectors You look out your window and see a glorious sight — the mail truck! No, I haven’t built a new found fondness of bills or junk mail, instead I’m hoping that an 8×10 manila envelope is waiting to be ripped open. I can barely get into the house without […]

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How the teddy bear got his name

How The Teddy Bear Got His Name In 1902, the famous Steiff Company of Germany invented the great teddy bear that the world has come to love and to cherish.  However, do we know how the Teddy got his name ? We all know that the teddy bear was invented by Richard Steiff and that […]

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The ballpoint almost died

The Ballpoint Almost Died I reached for it one morning last week as I always do–there it was between my cup of desperately needed fix of morning coffee and my stapler. There it waited for me to assign it a task to begin my day–my ballpoint pen. As always, there’s a check or some other […]

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