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Canopian shooting war games

Canopian – Shooting War Games If you are looking for some additional fun with free online games, it isn’t too difficult to find such game sites in Google. However too many sites have a lot of banner ads, pop-ups, other distractions and mostly, games are just too easy and uninteresting. Often, by the time you […]

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Badges that won the west deadwood marshals badge

Badges That Won The West — Deadwood Marshal’S Badge The saga of lawless Deadwood began, appropriately enough, with an illegal settlement inside territory that had been promised by treaty to Native Americans. Once word got out that gold had been discovered in the Black Hills in 1874, the army was unable to stem the tide […]

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Civil war swords

Civil War Swords The great majority of swords in use by both armies was based upon or were, standard patterns issued by the old US army and these were in turn copies of British and French models from before the war.  The model 1840 and 1860 cavalry sabers were predominant among Union horse brigades and […]

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